We’re expanding and enhancing Kansas City’s startup and entrepreneur ecosystem through efforts that encourage collisions, co-learning, and community among visitors, newcomers, and existing stakeholders.



Kansas City Startup VillageKansas City Startup Village

The Kansas City Startup Village (KCSV) is an entrepreneurial micro-community helping to grow and support entrepreneurship and Kansas City’s startup ecosystem. Centered around the intersection of 45th Street & State Line Road and spanning across two states (MO and KS), early stage tech entrepreneurs gravitate to the KCSV to start and grow their startup companies.

The KCSV includes:



For years, participants of Kansas City’s startup and entrepreneur ecosystem have used the hashtag #StartupKC as a way to rally fellow stakeholders and show their support for the community. We’re taking that love and support of the community to the next level by legitimizing and championing the efforts of the StartupKC movement through a series of initiatives including:

  • StartupKC Edu: Introduce and educate groups of individuals about entrepreneurship and KC’s ecosystem via tours, panels, and roundtables.
  • StartupKC Lab: A virtual space to test ecosystem building ideas and projects using experimental techniques such as the Lean methodology and design thinking.
    • StartupKC Aristotle: An idea to provide experienced MBA students with the opportunity to help local startups with various projects (experimental mode).
    • StartupKC Fund: An idea to provide ecosystem stakeholders the opportunity to give back to the community in the form of equity, profit, product, and time (discovery mode).
    • StartupKC Growth Alliance: An idea to provide seasoned entrepreneurs and veteran community builders with opportunities to connect, learn, and build mutually beneficial relationships (ideation mode).
    • StartupKC Help Desk: An idea to provide ecosystem stakeholders, visitors, and seekers with a community help desk platform they can use to receive answers to questions (ideation mode).


1Week KC
1Week KC is a week full of entrepreneurial empowerment. A time to connect, get inspired & celebrate Kansas City’s progressive startup ecosystem. Attend events throughout the week including E-Day at the K, Startup Crawl KC, and many others where you can network and learn from the minds behind Kansas City’s most successful emerging companies.


Founders Finding FundingFounders Finding Funding
The Founders Finding Funding (FFF) program brings investors and entrepreneurs into the same room for Q&A and networking. Events like FFF are helping to reduce the continued disconnect between Kansas City entrepreneurs and local investors.


Startup Crawl KCStartup Crawl KC
Startup Crawl KC offers area residents and visitors a tour of the metro’s many budding entrepreneurial efforts. The goal of the event is to make the startup arena more accessible to current and potential entrepreneurs and the community in general. Participants meet startup founders and find inspiration to get involved in the KC startup community. The event is a platform for homegrown entrepreneurs to tell their stories, extend hospitality, and connect with new faces.


Zen and the Art of FailureZen and the Art of Failure
Zen and the Art of Failure is a program helping Kansas City’s startup and entrepreneur ecosystem better embrace startup failure. The truth is 9 out of 10 startups fail. However, in order for Kansas City to be the “Most Entrepreneurial City in America,” we must accept the statistics and create a startup and entrepreneur environment which understands and supports entrepreneurs as they fail on their journey towards success.