By the supporting communities such as the Kansas City Startup Village, we’re helping entrepreneurs increase their chance for success. But don’t take our word for it. Read what the entrepreneurs themselves are saying.

“You made such an impact on me that I have even decided to look deeper into becoming an Entrepreneur myself.” read more

Rayfield Lawrence – Student

“I attribute so much … to what I watched, heard and learned during my time as a co-leader of the Kansas City Startup Village.” read more

Brittain Kovac – Hostel KC

“The village is a true testament to the power of a supportive startup community.” read more

Aaron Sloup – Lantern

“Being a part of a high density environment like the KC Startup Village was great on many fronts.” read more

Toby Rush – EyeVerify

“I wouldn’t have a business were it not for the village.” read more

Joshua Schukman – Social Change Nation

“The KCSV has been an integral part of our company’s growth.” read more

Stuart Ludlow – RFP365

“I’ve been a part of several of the incubators and co-working spaces in Kansas City, and can honestly say that village is the truest community among them.” read more

Anna Spady – RFP365

“Without the Village, we would have struggled in times of need and missed out on the proactive tips and resources that have taken our business to the next level.” read more

Jeff Rohr – SquareOffs

“The KCSV has been instrumental to my success and integration into the Kansas City tech community.” read more

Brandon Schatz –